Classes are on a weekly basis from October To May.  Tai Chi Club starts on the first Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdayiin October.

Beginners and Intermediates:
Tuesday 6:30-8pm Pembroke      Zion Lutheran Church

Wednesday 6:30-8pm Petawawa Civic Centre

General Level
Monday 6-9pm Pembroke               Zion Luteran Church

Morning classes Zion LutheranChurch (use side entrance).

Tuesday 9:30 am - 11 am

Thursday 9:30 am - 11 am

Saturday workshops 1-3pm


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Yang Style Long Form

There are 3 levels of of students each with their own level classes, beginners, intermediates, and general.

Beginners learn the first 59 moves as well as Chi Kung breathing exercises.

Intermediate level review the first 59 moves and learn moves 60-108, as well as Lohan stretching and Chi Kung exercises.

General level practice the 108 moves, various Chi Kung exercises, Lohan, Push Hands, and can begin to learn additional forms such as broad sword Sabre, fan, and staff

Operating as a non-profit organization has enabled the club to keep membership and lesson rates relatively low. The club charges a one time fee of $20.00 for a lifetime membership, and monthly dues of $30.00 . This monthly fee entitles members to attend all classes and club workshops at no extra cost.

If in October you pay for the 8 months  in advance a reduced rate is offered. The one time $20 membership fee still applies.

No refunds.

This money is used for rent, teacher training, workshops for members and operating costs. Our teachers are all volunteers.