Temple Knights   Sigung John Oliver Peel and

Sifu Valerie Houston Peel


Our teachers are volunteers.

  • They  have a minimum of level 1 teaching certificates.
  • They attend workshops on a regular basis and are constantly working on improving their form.
  • Tai Chi Chuan is a time tested art which gently exercises the body, the energy flow, and the mind.
  • From the Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan by Wong Kiew Kit

Tai Chi is the most practiced exercise in the world.

Tai Chi does not require any special dress,  just loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes.


The club is fortunate to have the direction of Sigung John Oliver Peel

He is a very well respected and knowledgeable teacher who has practised Tai Chi for more than 30 years.

Grand Master John is a second generation student of Master Yang Chen Fu.  The club also recieves instruction from his partner and wife, Sifu Valerie Houston Peel