Tai Chi can be practised by all ages, young and old alike. It can be done virtually anywhere!

When Tai Chi is practiced slowly and combined with

deep breathing,

relaxation, and

mental focus,

it becomes a form of meditation as well as a low impact aerobic exercise..

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Due to an event at the church Tai Chi is cancelled  Tuesday morning

Feb 6, 2024

Classes resume 

Tuesday Feb 6 evening

6:30-8 PM

Thursday  Feb 8

9:30-11 am

Tai Chi is the most practised exercise in the world.

Tai Chi is a Martial Art.

It was developed as a form of self defence.

The basic strategy is to flow with your opponent’s movements rather than going against them.


 We are Located at :

Zion Lutheran Church 454 Miller St. Pembroke


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Tai Chi Chuan is a time tested art which gently exercises the body, the energy flow, and the mind. The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan by Wong Kiew Kit

Tai Chi is the most practiced exercise in the world.

Tai Chi does not require any special dress.

All you need is loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes.

Health Benefits:

  • relieves arthritis
  • improves joint flexibilty by the gentle rotation of the of the spine and joints which increase synovial fluids
  • increases circulation
  • lowers blood pressure
  • alleviates stress
  • improves memory
  • tones muscles
  • improves balance
  • increases flexibility
  • increase efficiency of internal organs, such as bowels, heart, and lungs


Learn with a certified teacher and Grand Master